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If CMO’s want to win, they must deliver on these six strategies

The rules for creating and building brands are changing fast. Social media, content marketing, the younger generation, second screening, thought-leadership and the demographic shift are just some of the many things that are changing the way companies think about brand. Building lasting relationships with consumers has never been more challenging, these is so much competition.

To succeed, a brand must be relevant, meaningful, on-trend, innovative and fresh. With a clearly defined territory and purpose. It is these things that will make customers pay attention. More and more, brands say something about you as a person, it is therefore true to say that we all want brands in our life that we can grow with and trust, where we have a connection with the brand and it’s community of users.

Nick Griffin Atelier work with brands every day, meeting some of the world’s leading CEO’s and CMO’s. We have identified some strategies that cannot be ignored by brand owners:

1. Stop doing what everyone else is doing

People like surprises and want variety. Don’t be too predictable. Mix it up. Don’t grow complacent. Stretch your thinking. Don’t take your audience for granted. Give your brand a refresh every year. Remember that consumers are reevaluating their needs more often than you might think. Instead of being reactive to your audience needs, be on the front end and help guide them as they reinvent themselves. Manage your consumer engagement strategy or someone else will do it better.

2. Keep it simple and clearly define the territory your brand occupies

A brand identity is most powerful when it evolves and its value proposition strengthens in alignment with the changing lifestyle demands of its audience. People don’t have the time to figure out what your brand is trying to solve. Consumers want brands to be deliberate with their identity – straightforward while at the same time forward-thinking.

3. Be positive and connect like minded people

Brands influence lifestyle and one’s state of mind. If your brand is not a lifestyle platform that inspires people and communicates hope, the impact and influence of your brand message will quickly begin to wane. Recognize that stimulating a new or existing consumer relationship requires the ability to educate, communicate and inspire your audience about the totality of your brand – what it represents and what it stands for.A holistic approach to branding that gives people hope will accelerate your ability to earn consumer trust and loyalty — and create more transparent dialogue and feedback to keep your brand in continuous innovation mode.

4. Innovate inside and outside the boardroom, focus on timing

Innovation may seem to be an obvious strategy, yet many companies still fall short (or are too late) in their efforts. Winning new customers is no longer just about introducing new products, line extensions and/or technological advances. Today’s marketplace demands perfect timing and flawless execution with each new strategy you implement.

5. Promote the Genuine Spirit of Giving

Being a great brand is not just about market share gains and profitability; it’s about genuinely sharing the success of your brand with others. Take the time to interact in ways that go well beyond the obvious.

6. Leave a Legacy

The most successful brands never fall victim to an identity crisis. They know who they are and the responsibility they have to those whom they are serving. Their innovations are consistently delivered, genuine and true. They are focused on what matters most to their consumer and on continuously making the experience better. Sometimes they may fall flat on the excitement scale, but their customers remain extremely satisfied. You know that you are building a solid brand legacy when your customer loyalty is so strong that they are not fazed by your competition.

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