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Time travel and brand experience

For brands to survive in the modern world, great design is no longer enough. The world of the print designer belongs, some would say, in the past. A nostalgic place where branding was all about logos and brochures. More brand evangelists are masters of many crafts, they understand feeling, design, Business, marketing and customers .

The greatest brand work is coming from companies who celebrate diversity and really question how and why.

Technology is playing an increasing role in building rich experiences for brands. This morning I was sent information on an incredible app - made for the Museum of London, this app uses a technology called augmented reality to understand where the user is and then superimpose a photograph of the location taken from historical records. When the user points their device at a building they see past and present melded together.

The use of technology for learning ‎ is not revolutionary and very often Museums and institutions are the first to adopt new tech into there offering. However this is not always the case. Recently, in China, the soap powder brand Arial used augmented reality to create a fabulously interactive experience to demonstrate their brand. Manufacturing a huge white t-shirt which they hung from a building, the Arial team asked passers by to throw digital muck at the shirt to make it dirty. Alongside the muck throwers where the Arial cleaning crew who virtually cleaned away the stains. What a brilliant piece of experiential branding. Interactive, memorable and totally appropriate.

Brands now have to be smarter than ever when they are creating their brand world. Understanding the power of digital to deliver rich experiences that go beyond traditional two dimensional design will be one of the new brand battlegrounds moving forward.

We encourage our partners to think fast, create meaning in everything they do and harness new technology to really push the limits of brand and customer interaction.

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