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Data Visualisation and what it means for Brands

When I am asked to give my opinion on treands for 2014, there is one that really stands out as being a new battle-ground for Brands. I have been seeing companies like IBM, Google and GE jump heavily into what is called data visualisation.

What is Data Visualisation and what does it mean for Brands?

Companies are gathering more and more data on their consumers, their buying habits and trends. We are beginning to see successful companies using thier interpretation of this data and it's presentation to engage customers. We are seeing more and more companied engaging customers with data they want to engage with. This means building something that your customers want to spend time with, that they want to get their hands dirty with and engage with.

It all comes down to value. In the way that a company designs a car that you really want to drive because you enjoy driving it and you're allowed to explore the road any way you want; a great data visualization is one that allows customers to really look at the data and engage with it in a way that they find interesting.

Which brands will will win in this territory?

The brands that will stand out are the ones that really get this—the ones that don’t build the data visualizations for themselves that just look pretty, but who focus on what's important in terms of the customer’s needs, the type of conversation customers want to have, and what they want to get out of it in the end.

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