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What is super-personalisation?

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For a long time I have been an advocate of super-personalisation and have not really been able to understand why, in the banking world at least, CMOs and marketing teams have not jumped on an opportunity to get up close and personal with their customers. Now that opportunity is here.

Whilst I believe there is still a place for segmentation, many businesses build their propositions on the basis of a segmented offering, the old fashioned notion that every customer in the youth, high-net-worth or affluent mass segment is the same and therefore should be market to in the same way is surely out of date in the modern digital world we live in.

Digital pioneers like Google, Apple and Facebook have long realised that delivering personal content that is relevant and specific to an individuals needs is the future to closing a sale. Their complex algorithms are constantly gathering data on usage, interests, behavior, demographic and many other pieces of micro-information that we all share with the world every time we switch on our computers or use our cell-phones.

Last week I had a meeting with a group in London who introduced me to a new product they have developed which quite frankly blew my mind. This group have found a way to collect the data we all churn out every day through all the channels we interact with and extrapolate that information into meaningful and personal data, which in-turn produces meaningful and personal content - not always sales content, I am not talking about hard sell here - but I am talking about the kind of content that is useful, helpful and builds a relationship between a brand and it’s customers. In essence, the more you interact, the better the content, the stickier the relationship between brand and customer becomes. This is precisely what I mean when I say the age of super-personalisation is here.

Which brand would not want to know it’s customers better? or reduce it’s advertising spend on generic, impersonal advertising that gets swallowed up in the noise that all other brands competing for the same spaces are creating.

I believe in this and believe that every business and brand should be thinking this way.

Why? because customers have a choice and are asking more and more, ‘what is in this for me?’ Brands who ignore this call to action from their customers are going to loose. Brands who rise to the challenge will win.

And the beautiful thing is, this company are so confident that their system will generate significant uplift in revenue, increase customers and deliver results that they are prepared to give the system away for free... taking only a small percentage of any increase in revenue their methods deliver.

What does this tell me? Simply, that applying super-personalisation techniques to your brand means your business will thrive. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about this and I’ll be happy to share the company contact details.

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