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Principles before profits

The bombastic Donald Trump has been at it again, his sensationalist style of presentation and his much criticised views are well documented. However, his recent comments about banning muslims from entering the United States stooped to a new low.

The Trump organisation has a number of commercial relationships with organisations in the Middle East and it was with great respect that I saw each of these publicly state their objection to what can only be described as Mr Trump’s bigoted, narrow minded view of the world and gross misunderstanding of the politics of this region.

I applaud Damac, the Dubai based property group who, subtly and elegantly removed Trump branding from their projects in Akoya and from their monster roadside billboards on Dubai’s main highway Sheikh Zayed Road. I also applaud the Landmark Group for removing Trump products from it’s stores - best sellers I am lead to believe.

The actions of these two organisations are to be celebrated. Each, in very different ways has publicly shown that their principles are more important than the profits their relationship with Trump generate.

Those of you who read my blog will know my views about celebrity endorsement. In this instance, one again, a ‘celebrity’ association has turned bad. I watched with interest what both Damac and Landmark would do when I heard Mr. Trump’s speech. I was not disappointed. An excellent and measured response from both companies.

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